How To Make Blogger Blog Full Width (100% Working)

There are a lot of custom templates available for Blogger that provide a wide range of customization, but what most of them lack is an edge to edge full-screen view.

Blogger Full Width Transformation

As illustrated in the above image, most of the custom templates available for Blogger do not come inbuilt with the feature to cover the full-screen width in the homepage, posts and pages.

Thus, many bloggers find it difficult to make their Blogger/Blogspot blog full width in order to make it cover the entire screen and provide an attractive edge to edge viewing experience.

The way how different elements look on a website, is governed by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) rules.

In most CMS which allow FTP access, the CSS files are independent from the HTML files and are imported as stylesheets into the HTML, to be served to the browser.

In Blogger however, we do not get the FTP access and mostly all the CSS rules are included in the page’s <head> section itself. (I’m saying “mostly” because sometimes the developer may serve the CSS from an external source and import them in the HTML, but there’s no need to worry about that as we can always override the existing CSS using !important.)

In this article, I will show you a simple process by which you can make any Blogger template full width (edge to edge display) on any display, no matter how large the screen is, by simply editing or overriding the CSS.

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Not feeling like digging into the code and making the changes yourself?

You can directly use our brand new Blogger Full Width Template Transformation Service, where we’ll convert your template to make it full-width, with guaranteed results.

Blogger Full Width Template Transformation Service

Quick Fix Methods

The quick fix methods don’t work on all the templates. If it doesn’t work for you, skip to the next section where the full tutorial for making blogger template full width is given.

Method 1: Overriding The Existing CSS

Go to Blogger –> Theme –> Edit HTML and search for </head> using CTRL+F.

Paste the following code just above the </head> tag:

#outer-wrapper, .container, #content-wrapper{

Method 2: Changing The Row Value

Go to Blogger –> Theme –> Edit HTML and copy the full code using CTRL+C.

Open Notepad and paste the code.

Press CTRL+F and search for “.row” (without quotes)

make blogger template full width quick method

You will then find the line where the width of the row is defined. Replace the width value of the row with 100%, i.e. .row{width:100%}

make row width 100% blogger full width quick method

Now copy the whole code from Notepad with CTRL+A and CTRL+C.

Go to the Blogger HTML editor and press CTRL+A to select the whole code and press DEL to delete it.

Now press CTRL+V to paste the new code. Now hit the SAVE button.

Your Blogger blog has now become full width! Congrats!

But what if this method doesn’t work for you? Well then your template doesn’t support the row variable, and in that case, please follow the full guide given below. 👇 👇


0. Take A Backup Of The Source Code (Very Important)

Go to Blogger –> Theme –> Edit HTML.
Select the whole source code using CTRL + A, copy it using CTRL + C, paste it in Notepad and save it on the desktop.

This step is very important because if you accidentally follow the steps incorrectly, this backup file will help you to restore your blog to the previous form.  

1. Head Over To Your Website/Blog

Open Google Chrome or any other browser that supports the Developers Tools function. Then go to your website/blog.  

2. Inspect Size Of The Elements

Make Blogger Full Width: Inspect Element

Once your website is fully loaded, press the F12 key from your keyboard and the ‘inspect elements‘ box will appear at the right-hand side of the screen as shown in the image.

Click on the button shown in the image above and hover your mouse over the content of your blog which you want to make full width, as shown below.

Inspect max-width

Now you will be able to see max-width of your blog. Our aim is to change it to auto mode so that it fits edge to edge (full width) on any screen on which it is viewed.

Either remember or note down the current max-width value somewhere.

3. Make Changes To The Widths in The Source Code

Go to and click on Theme from the left bar and then click on Edit HTML, as shown below.

Edit HTML in Blogger


Once the Edit HTML page has loaded, press CTRL + F to bring up the search box.

Search For The Width Variable In The Source Code

Search for the #outer-wrapper max-width value (in my case it is 1200) that you just inspected. Press Enter to see the search results.

Please note that in your template the variable name (max-width) might be different, but it will be somewhat similar, meaningful and recognizable.

Editing HTML Blog Max Width in Blogger

Now you’ll have to make two changes, as you can see in the #outer-wrapper, there are two widths defined: max-width and width. Change both the values to auto as shown below. This will make your main blog content stretch up to the edge.

Inspect The Main Wrapper Width

Now again go to your site and refresh the page.

Next, inspect the width of the Content (#main-wrapper).

Inspect Main Wrapper

Remember the width (location shown by the arrow in the image) of the wrapper.

Edit The Main Wrapper Width

Go back to Blogger –> Edit HTML.

Now, search for the width value that you just inspected (in my case it is 800).

Change Main Wrapper Size

Replace the width value with 70%, and after the semicolon, add- padding-right:30px;

It would then look like : width:70%;padding-right:30px

Do not make any other changes in that line.

Inspect The Width Of The Sidebar

Again use inspect element to know the current width of the sidebar.

Edit Sidebar Width In Blogger

In my case, as it can be seen from the screenshot, the width is 300px.

Remember the value.

Edit Sidebar Width In Source Code

Again, go to Blogger –> Edit HTML.

Search for the sidebar width (300px in my case) which you inspected just now, from the source code in Edit HTML.

Search Width

Replace the width value with 27% and remove float: right (if present)

It would then look like width:27%;

Do not make any other changes on that line.

Finally, click on Save changes.

Refresh your blog and verify that if it has become full width or not.

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Hope this tutorial has helped you and you could make your blog full width successfully.

If not, please recheck that you followed all the above steps properly.

Open the backup text file from the desktop that you made in Step 0, select all the code, copy it and paste it in the HTML editor and click on Save changes.

Your blog will be restored to the previous format. Now, please follow all the steps again, more carefully.

Done! Congratulations!

You’ve successfully made your blogger blog full width and now your blog will be displayed edge to edge (100% full width) on any screen, no matter how large or small it is.

Issue Still Not Fixed?

I understand it’s a bit confusing task to do, especially finding out the correct line of code where the change has to be made.

So, if you fail to fix it yourself even after many attempts, feel free to leave a comment down below with the URL of your site. I will reply to your comment with the specific CSS that’s needed to make your site full width. 🙂

With so many requests nowadays, it’s difficult for me to respond to all of them. So, along with my team, I’ve launched a brand new Blogger Full Width Template Transformation Service which you can use to get your blog’s template converted into full width. We guarantee the success of our service and I am sure that you’ll be impressed by the work of our team.

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If this article has helped you, don’t forget to share it on your favourite social media site, because you know, Sharing is Caring! : )

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  1. not worked for me bro please can i add you admin to set it for me. i will give you backlinks on my 2 posts

    My blog shows good on desktop but on mobile devices its width is so small (thin) please help me email bongoexclusive[at]hotmail[dot]com

  2. Thank you so much dude! I was looking for this tutorial since a long time and finally I found this one and this actually works! Now my blog fits full width on big screens and small screens as well and it looks amazing!

  3. Please i try locating outer-wrapper max-width on my blog edit html and is not showing please i will need your help and also, how to drive more traffic to my blog thank you. [URL REMOVED]

    • Hi! I will surely try my best to help you out. I will e-mail you. You will have to invite me to your blog and I can fix that for you. ☺️
      Either reach out to me on Instagram @heyanirban or send me an email at [email protected] and I will help you out regarding your blog’s width.

      To get more traffic, promote your articles on quora. Answer related questions and leave a link to you website at the end. This method works great. Also, if you use a keyword research tool, simply write articles on keywords that have low competition. I would recommend not to depend entirely on keyword research tools as they are pretty inaccurate. Simply Google for stuff related to your niche. If you feel like the articles that are ranking are missing some info or are irrelevant, waste no time and write an article and submit it to google search console. Your article will surely rank high and bring in a lot of traffic if it’s of good quality. If you’re targeting a global audience, I would recommend you to use .com domain instead of

      I have also noticed that you are writing posts on a lot of topics and that too saturated and are on very competitive niches.

      I would strongly recommend you to check out the 8 Dangerous Blogging Mistakes That Beginners Must Avoid [Motivation] article on this site. So that you don’t waste your time doing stuffs that are not worth it.

      You may also check out Google questions hub. It suggests you topics to write articles on that people are looking for but not getting a satisfactory result.

      I will soon publish and in-depth article on how to grow blog traffic. I will notify you when I publish it. ?

    • Hi Tushar, I checked your site.
      Add the following code just below the head tag in your Blog’s HTML code. That should solve the issue.

      Please replace the (less than sign) with < and (greater than sign) with >

      (less than sign)style(greater than sign)
      .sidebar .widget-content{padding:0!important;}(less than sign)/style(greater than sign)

    • Please replace the (less than sign) with < and (greater than sign) with >

      (less than sign)style(greater than sign)
      .sidebar .widget-content{padding:0!important;}(less than sign)/style(greater than sign)

    • you need to insert it just below the head tag. What do you exactly mean by “increase whole gadget width”? I noticed there was some padding around your gadgets so I gave you the code to remove those paddings.

      Do you want to increase the width of your whole sidebar?

    • In that case, put the following code below your head tag.

      Replace the (greater than sign) with > and (less than sign) with <

      (less than sign)style(greater than sign)
      #sidebar-wrapper{width:50%!important;}(less than sign)/style(greater than sign)

    • Tushar, can you please take a screenshot of your blog, edit the image using paint, make the sidebar look exactly the way you want and send it here?
      To send an image, you can simply upload it to imgur and leave the link in the comment.

    • Okay, so you want both the paddings from the .sidebar .widget-content and the #content-wrapper to be removed…
      So, adding this code to your head should work:

      I rendered your blog after adding this code to your site, using the Chrome Dev Tool, and the output was:

      So, I guess it should get the job done, just like the way you want it!

  4. bro,
    plz guide me
    (1) how to ad menu bar (menu with sub menu) on my blogger theme.
    i tried a lot but failed. my blogger address is –
    luckily i find you site on google & with the hope of solution m writing to you.
    (2) how to ad slider with prev & next buttons on any blog.
    plz guide me.

    • Hi Davinder,
      I checked your site. You already have a menu. I see that you’re using the “ChattelsBlog” template. You can simply go to the Layout option in blogger and from their, you will find the option to edit the menu as per your choice.

      I saw that you already have the “next/prev post” navigation buttons under your posts.

      Is there anything else you need help with?

      • Thanks Sir for your reply but m unable to add drop down menu.
        I checked layout option but no luck.
        I also checked HTML code n tried but failed.
        I have one more blog. I sent you my another blog address via email,
        Please check and revert back.
        Please help me n guide me.
        You helped so many people n Now it’s my turn.
        Please guide me thanks.

        • Looks like the theme you’re using doesn’t support drop down menus. So if you want to continue using this theme, you will have to code it on your own. I would recommend you to use some other theme that comes with drop down menus built in.

          And about the Slider, there are plenty of JS based image sliders for Blogger available online, just Google search, and you will find plenty of them.

          Please e-mail me only if you’re facing trouble making your template full width. This post covers only that topic.

  5. Awesome, I couldn’t exactly understand everything because I am not that good at editing things, so I contatted him privatly and he explained me what to do.
    Thank you so much!

  6. Hi Anirban!
    I read your article and all comments, I understand how your content information is valuable for us.

    But sorry to say, It doesn’t help me, I have tried all things when I searched for those words which you explained above I didn’t find.

    I’m using the ‘Blazing’ blogger template check my website mobile view, which I want to change. My site link:

    I hope you will reply and help me very soon.

  7. Hello Anirban sir!

    I read your article and all comments, I understand how your content information is valuable for us.

    But sorry to say, It doesn’t help me, I have tried lots of things

    I’m using the ‘Magify’ blogger template check my website mobile view, which I want to change.
    My site link:

    I am sure you will help me very soon.

    • Hi Yashraj!

      The following code should make your blog full width on mobile:

      Copy the code directly from here:


      As per your requirement, this code will only work on mobile devices, not on desktops.

  8. Thank you very much, Anirban sir

    Anirban sir ask me to my blog html code then I contacted Anirban via E-mail and gave him my HTML code.

    He edited it and made my blog full width. Now it looks great adjectly what I want !

    I am thankful for giving your precious time & done efforts for me sir

    God bless you sir😊

  9. Am I the only one struggling to find “.row” in my HTML.
    Anirban Sir, Your article was helpful but at some point, things weren’t working out so well, I am not able to figure out where I went wrong. It would be my pleasure if you could help me out, do you take any coding lessons?

    • Hi Naira, You may leave your website’s URL here and I’ll help you out!

      About coding, I plan to put up videos on my YouTube channel related to WordPress, Blogger and Web Development in general, but I’m not sure when I will be able to upload videos consistently!

  10. Hey I tried all the methods but none of them worked can you please tell me how can I make my blog full screen
    this is the link to my blog-
    and here is the link to the theme which I used-
    as you will notice the official theme is full screen but my theme comes like a page


    Well your trick worked it gave full width . No issues in Mobile

    But thumbnail size in

    Pc or Laptop screen changes

    i mean thumbnail get strected