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How To Print Documents Sent Over WhatsApp (PDF/DOC/Excel/ETC.)

No matter whether it's a spreadsheet, PDF, DOC or a simple text file, getting them printed through WhatsApp is easy, and this article will show you how!

How To Make YouTube Intro [And Outro] With PowerPoint

Easily make simple and awesome intro and outro videos for your YouTube channel using PowerPoint.

Get Your Articles Indexed On Google Instantly (2020) [2 Minutes]

Awesome strategy to get your blog posts indexed by Google within 2 minutes. Also learn how to setup the Google Indexing API.

How To Make Progressive Web App (PWA) For Blogger [EASY]

Progressive Web Apps are super popular and equally important, mainly for a site's branding and UI. Not many know how to implement PWA on Blogger, this article shows you how.

How To Make Blogger Blog Full Width (100% Working)

This is a 100% working tutorial, which shows you how to make your blogger blog full width to fit any screen with edge to edge view.

Easily Block Competitor Ads in Google Custom Search (CSE)

A huge disadvantage of Google Custom Search Engine is that it might display competitor ads with the search results. Here's a simple way to block those ads and save your valuable traffic.

How To Setup Free Cloudflare CDN for Blogger Easily

In this article, I will show you how to setup Cloudflare CDN for your Blogger Blog for free and will also discuss some of the cool features that Cloudflare provides.