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Hey there! I am Anirban Roy, the founder of TechRBun.

Anirban Roy, the founder of TechRBun

I started my first blog in July 2017, at the age of 15. Ever since my middle school days, I was very interested in programming. I am truly grateful to my school and the ICSE board for including Java programming in our syllabus, which destined my way to meet the favourite teacher in my life, Bapi sir.

Bapi sir is the man who exposed me to the magical world of programming. Although we only had data structures and algorithms in our syllabus, Bapi sir’s teachings were not limited to those. He used to teach us everything that we would want to learn, even if it was beyond the scope of our syllabus.

One day in the class, Bapi sir told us about how search engines like Google, work. He explained to us that every time we send a search query to Google, it doesn’t actually search for the information all over the internet in real-time. Instead, Google has its own large database, where it stores copies of all the webpages on the internet after indexing them, and at the time of a search, it simply goes through its own sorting algorithm to rank and display the information, already stored in its database.

I was very much intrigued and wanted to know more about what kind of sorting algorithm Google uses and if we can implement the same algorithm to build our own little search engine. Then, Bapi sir explained to me that there’s a process called SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. There are a lot of factors to SEO that helps Google rank websites based on the relevancy of the search term inputted by the user. He laughed and said that it’s not as easy as Linear Search and then Merge Sort that you use to search and rank elements from arrays of information, it’s much more complicated, there are thousands of engineers working day and night to improve it every single day.

Seeing my interest in SEO, Bapi sir told me about an ex-students of his, named Sourajit Saha. He said that Sourajit studies about SEO and uses it to rank his blogs on Google, that make him a lot of money.

Hearing that, I got even more interested in Blogging and SEO, and asked Bapi sir if there’s any way I can contact Sourajit da. Bapi sir gave me Sourajit da’s WhatsApp number. I texted him, we scheduled a meeting, and he gave me the basic knowledge about SEO, Blogging and how he makes a full-time income through his Blogs, using Google AdSense and the Amazon Associates Program (affiliate marketing).

Sourajit da had told me to first research in-depth about SEO, otherwise creating a blog would be a waste of time. But, I didn’t have the patience to go through long articles to learn about it and started my first blog on Blogger. I used to stay up till late at night, playing around with fonts, colours and widgets, trying to make my site as attractive as possible. I even wrote a few articles, which I shared with my friends and family, on my Facebook wall, and got around 150 page views the next day. Oh boy, how excited I was!

But, to my utter dismay, none of the traffic was from Google. All the pageviews that the site got, were from my friends and family. I learned the hard way, the importance of in-depth knowledge about SEO and keyword research to make any site successful.

I spent hours researching about SEO and keyword-research techniques. A month or two later, I made one more site, this time, equipped with some knowledge of SEO. I wrote only three articles on that site before giving a break to blogging due to my upcoming exams at that time. Although I made $0 from that site, I was very happy to see my articles rank on the first page of Google, and gain some organic traffic.

After the exams, I got busy with my studies and wanted to finish my new academic year’s syllabus first, before working on my blogs, as Blogging wasn’t in my priority list at that time.

After almost a year, I started working on my blogs again. And I received my first revenue from Blogging at the beginning of the next year. My joy knew no limits after seeing that money in my bank account.

Then, slowly, I started building more sites, which I like to call my “main income sites”, that generate the maximum portion of my earnings from the web, and are enough to support my financial needs.

I hope I’m not boring you with this long story of mine. Don’t worry, now I will straight jump into the topic, why I created this website, techrbun.com.

I made my first few blogs on Blogger, before moving on to WordPress. As a beginner, I obviously faced a lot of problems while setting up my sites, tweaking and customizing it. That time I didn’t find many helpful guides on the web that provided the solutions to the problems I was facing. There were many sites providing “Ultimate guides to start a blog and making money out of it” but there were very few which actually dealt with the small problems and challenges that beginners have to face.

Thus, I started this site, TechRBun, with the vision to make the ride smoother for the folks new to Blogging, and web development in general.

I love programming and alongside Blogging, mastering Data Structures And Algorithms is a core passion of mine. Thus, I also upload solutions to various coding problems and competitive programming questions on TechRBun, as well.

I believe being a financially responsible individual is extremely important in today’s world. Thus, I love sharing my knowledge and experiences on digital finance and cryptocurrency, as well. (TO THE MOON 🚀).

TechRBun is still far from being the perfect site, but I work hard making it better each and every day. I want to make it a favourite destination for tech and internet enthusiasts who have a passion for learning.

Although I get very less time to work on TechRBun nowadays as I spend much of my time on my other main income sites and my studies, it makes me extremely happy whenever I receive comments and e-mails from people on whose lives, TechRBun could make a positive impact.

If you like my website, do send your thoughts to me. It encourages me a lot.

Constructive criticisms are also welcome! You can contact me here.