installation failed, deleting composer.js fix

Installation failed, deleting composer.json [Solved]

Composer is a powerful dependency manager for PHP that simplifies the process of managing libraries and packages in your projects. However, like any tool, Composer may encounter issues during installation, and a common error message you might encounter is “Installation failed, deleting composer.json.” In this article, we’ll explore various steps

YouTube Video Category IDs for API Usage

YouTube API Category ID List

Last day while I was trying to build a video uploading service using YouTube’s Data API, I found out that we could select the category of a video via the API itself. YouTube has associated an unique ID for each category on its platform. The default category of all video

Target/Modify Entire HTML Document Using JS (Including head)

JavaScript gives us the ability to target and manipulate the entire HTML document, including the head element, using document.documentElement. In this article, we’ll explore the capabilities and applications of this invaluable feature. Understanding document.documentElement Before we dive into utilizing document.documentElement, let’s grasp the concept of the Document Object Model (DOM).

Why Doesn’t JavaScript Support Function Overloading?

Breaking down the complex world of programming is no easy task but it yields fascinating revelations on how different languages operate. This discussion ventures into a critical comparison: function overloading and its workings across programming environments, particularly its absence in JavaScript. Understanding function overloading sets the groundwork for approaches in

Fix Pylint Import Error in VS Code: Step-by-Step Guide

When we are coding in Python using Visual Studio Code as our preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE), we want our environment to not only be robust and flexible, but also smart and efficient. This includes having a responsive and accurate linting tool. Pylint is such tool: it helps keep our