5 Best Magazine Blogger Templates [SEO] [4 FREE, 1 PAID]

In this article, I have compiled a hand-picked list of all the best free magazine templates for blogger and one premium template. All of them load super fast. I myself have used them in the past and know about them in-depth.

Blogging is a journey, sometimes hobby and many a time a full-fledged business that not only helps authors gain exposure and authority but also enables them to earn their living (sometimes millions of dollars) just by following their passion.

And when it comes to blogging, Google’s Blogger (formerly Blogspot) is the first choice for many. This is because this is a completely free platform and supports almost customizations that a blogger would need. I too, personally use blogger.com.

One of the great features of Google Blogger is that it supports custom templates.

And, the first question that comes to the user’s mind while setting up their blog/website on blogger, is that which template is best for blogger.

How To Choose The Best Template For Blogger?

A great template should have modern looks (no one likes decade-old designs, that’s why websites update their looks regularly). But, looks aren’t everything! Ease of use, loading speed, and clean user interface plays a crucial role in the success of a website.

Thus, the major factors for choosing the perfect blogger template are:-

  • Modern Design
  • High Loading Speed
  • Easy to use and clean interface
  • Smartly coded features to improve SERP.

The good news? The templates that I have reviewed below, excel in all the above-mentioned features!

Some people basically use blogger to create niche sites to earn a lot of money in a short period of time and with fewer efforts. In that case, what they look for the blogger template that is best for Adsense.

Keeping all the above possibilities in mind, one of the most popular (and best) choices is responsive magazine blogger templates that make your website look modern and professional and at the same time, load fast and give a boost to your on-page SEO.

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Why use Magazine Templates?

A magazine template makes your blog look more modern and professional. It leaves a professional impression on the reader’s mind through its enhanced usability and UX.   Many people have a habit of revisiting websites which has a great design (along with fast loading time), which is great for the branding of the blog/website!

So, if you are looking for the best magazine style blogger templates that would help make your blog look for professional and help build your brand, continue reading this article till the end.

Here I have listed my favourite handpicked best free magazine blogger templates and some paid ones, that not only look great but also load fast.

They also contain all the essential features that provide a great user experience and provide an amazing boost to your website’s/blog’s SEO.

Most of these templates are free to use and I have included a direct FREE download link to the templates.

All the blogger templates listed below are responsive templates and look good on all screen sizes!  

I have included direct Live Preview links for all the templates that I have reviewed here. These are professional looking free blogger templates which I have actually used before and know about them in-depth, and thus sharing my experience.

I have also included the link to the documentation of the free templates so that you can easily customise them according to your own needs.

The templates are highly suitable for newspaper article sites and technology sites.

But in case if you have any problem in the installation or customization of any of the themes listed below, Kindly contact me from Contact TechRBun page. I will set up your blog according to your needs.

Best SEO Optimised Magazine Templates For Blogger [Most Are Free]

FlexMag (FREE)

Flexmag Grid Template


This is the best magazine template for Blogger that I have found till date.

This FREE responsive magazine template is simply the best in every possible way.

It looks very premium and is highly customizable.

This awesome template contains so many cool features that it will surely amaze you.

Not even the highly-priced paid themes contain so many great features!

This template comes in two versions – Grid (Above Screenshot) and non-Grid (Lacks the topmost post display). Both the versions are included in the zip file.

Features of Flexmag Blogger Template

  • Fully Responsive Design. (Fits on any display of any size) (CHECK)
  • Highly Advanced SEO Optimized.
  • Supports Breadcrumbs. (Great SEO feature)
  • Supports Star Ratings And Author Name in Search Result. (Great SEO feature)
Star Ratings and author's name in search results
  • Mobile-Friendly Design. (CHECK)
  • Sticky Header (Great for branding)
  • Mega Menu
FlexMag Mega Menu Demo
  • Sub Menu
  • YouTube Thumbnail.
  • No-Sidebar Posts (Example / Demo)
  • Supports Left-Sidebar Posts (Example / Demo)
  • And of course Right-Sidebar by default!
  • Supports Auto-resizing of the thumbnail image.
  • Supports Tabbed Menu.
  • Has Open Random Post function.
FlexMag Multi Comment System
  • Smart “You may also like” related posts suggestions by labels And Social Share Buttons.
more articles suggestions and share buttons
  • Smart Published Date Counter.
smart published (x) days ago counter
  • Auto author bio box.
  • Scroll Up arrow.
  • Auto Newsletter Subscription box.
  • Customizable 404 error page.
  • It has an easy to use admin layout option to customise the template without having to mess with the code.

  Those were the most amazing features of the FlexMag – SEO optimised, Best Looking, Magazine Blogger Template. This free responsive blogger template is the best magazine template out there, as of now.   As you can see, my site (techrbun.com) also runs on the same template and if you want the features such as –  

  • Smart Auto Complete Search (try the search option on my website)
  • What’s New Ticker
  • Gradient Colours, etc.

Kindly contact me using the Contact TechRBun page.

MagOne Blogger Template (Supports AMP) (PREMIUM)


MagOne Blogger Template


MagOne is another great looking SEO optimised responsive blogger template. Its magazine theme is very professional and unique. Unlike other responsive magazine templates for blogger, it provides some stunning visual effects and format that will give your website a more professional look.

It offers a ton of other great features and also supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

But sadly, this is a paid template and no free version is available for this.

A good thing is that the author sometimes offers up to 50% discount on all his products. Mostly in the month of July, he offers a lot of discounts.  

One of the most unique features of this template is that it supports Sneeit Spot.

Sneeit Spot is a tool with which you can change and customize almost every feature in the supported template without having to deal with any code.

Here’s a video explaining the features of Sneeit Spot

Features of MagOne Blogger Template

  • Multiple Layouts: It supports flexible widgets so that you can design it to look like however you want it to. Some popular layouts are –
MagOne Blogger Template Layouts
  • Multiple Header Styles: You can choose from any of the header styles shown below with just a single click on the template settings.
Magone header styles
  • Ready To Use Tools To Make Your Article Stand Out :

Feature Image, Breadcrumb, Customizable Title, Sub-title, Post ads, Excerpt, Story Chain Links, Premium Content Locker, and more…  

Magone Blogger Template Features


  • Responsive Design: It is a perfect responsive template for blogger as it can be seen below, it has passed Google’s responsiveness test.
Magone Blogger Template Responsiveness Test
  • AMP Support: Your website will launch blazing fast on mobile devices as it supports Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
  • Mega Menu: It supports Mega Menus, which not only make your website look more attractive and professional, but also provides a place to highlight some special articles.
Magone Menu styles
  • Sticky Sidebar: The sidebar can be configured to become sticky and stay at the same place even while scrolling up or down. This can be a great boost to your ad revenue!
Magone Magazine Blogger Template Sticky Sidebar
  • Floating Menu: The header menu can also be configured to be sticky and stay in its position while scrolling up / down.
Magone Magazine Blogger Template Sticky Header
  • Multiple Commenting System: The Comment box in this template supports Blogger, Facebook and Disqus comment systems. Reader change switches the commenting systems by just 1 click. You can also change the default commenting system through a few clicks using the Sneeit Spot tool. The comment box also supports YouTube Video Previews, Full-size Image display, gifs, etc.
Magone Magazine Blogger Template Comments
  • Multilingual Ready: You can convert this template into any language you want to, easily using the Sneeit Spot Tool.
  • Amazing Customer Support: The creator of this theme, Tien Nguyen Van is a very approachable guy and he is very responsive and helpful in case you face any issue installing or customising the template.

Here’s How To Install Sneeit Spot In Blogger Dashboard

Well, those were some of the most amazing features of the MagOne Blogger Template, which surely makes it one of the best, responsive magazine templates for blogger. Although this is a paid template, it is worth every penny!

Tip: Wait for July to get a huge discount on this template as that’s the author’s birth month.

Cyber Blogger Template


Cyber Magazine Blogger Template


This is a nice template preferably for tech news websites. It is SEO ready and has a beautiful grid-style layout. By default, this template comes with a black and yellow theme, but all the colours of the template can be customised according to the user’s needs.  

Top Features of this Cyber Blogger Template

  • Option to put header ads (728x90).
  • Modern Grid Layout.
  • Social Media Sharing Button, including WhatsApp.
  • Recent Posts, Random Posts and Related Posts.
  • Supports Breadcrumbs.
  • Supports Footer Columns.

This template was once upon a time was the very best magazine template out there on the internet, and still, although there are some tough competitors out there, I have placed it in my list of best free magazine templates for blogger.

Urban Mag




The Urban Mag magazine template has a grid-style layout which is fully responsive and also loads fast to improve the user experience.

Some Features of Urban Mag Template

  • SEO Optimised and fast loading.
  • Great quality navigation and mega menu.
  • Sticky Sidebar (helps boost ad revenue).
  • Partitioned Grids on Homepage for various categories.
  • Responsive Design fits on every screen.
  • Fully customizable- colours, texts, plugins, etc.
  • Breadcrumb navigation.
  • Footer columns.

Katherine Blogger Template



The Katherine template is yet another beautiful looking free magazine style blogger template that comes with a unique look, quite different from the other templates that are of its kind.

Here’s a list of the unique features that this template has to offer

  • A big bold logo at the top to enhance the branding of your website.
  • A sticky header that helps the reader navigate your website effortlessly.
  • A big and modern slide show (for posts) on the homepage.
  • Plenty of space for banner ads.
  • Great looking pop-up search tool. (Check out the live preview)
  • Labelled Categories with thumbnails on the homepage.
  • Modern about the author gadget.
  • Popular Posts list.
  • Website / Brand info in the footer.

Well, those were the three of my most favourite magazine style blogger templates.

If you are new to blogging, definitely try out one of the above, but if you are an experienced blogger, I would certainly recommend you to buy the premium versions of the templates because it really helps the makers of the templates earn back for their hard work.

If you liked this article, do share it and do check out other interesting articles on my website related to blogging, I’m sure they’ll help you a lot if you are just beginning your journey as a blogger.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Hello Anirban…
    These all templates are amazing so that I am little bit confused so Can you suggest which theme will be perfect for blogging out of these themes in all?

    • Hi Arjun!
      If you are looking for a free template, go for FlexMag. It’s an amazing template and my personal favourite. If you have money to spend, buy the MagOne template because it has some advanced features that no other template can offer (such as auto amp).

  2. Hi, Urban Mag is very close to what I want. However, I tried to add a Javascript into the sidebar with some random generators on images and quotes. No matter where I put it the featured post sections at the top won’t display until I remove it. Can you advise.

    • Paid templates usually have cleaner and more efficient code and come without the copyright mark at the footer. Free templates often have poorly written code with lots of obfuscations.


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