Target/Modify Entire HTML Document Using JS (Including head)

JavaScript gives us the ability to target and manipulate the entire HTML document, including the head element, using document.documentElement. In this article, we’ll explore the capabilities and applications of this invaluable feature. Understanding document.documentElement Before we dive into utilizing document.documentElement, let’s grasp the concept of the Document Object Model (DOM).

Why Doesn’t JavaScript Support Function Overloading?

Breaking down the complex world of programming is no easy task but it yields fascinating revelations on how different languages operate. This discussion ventures into a critical comparison: function overloading and its workings across programming environments, particularly its absence in JavaScript. Understanding function overloading sets the groundwork for approaches in

HTML.Parser vs HTML5lib: What’s Better In BeautifulSoup [Py]

Web Scraping – the technological craftsmanship of information extraction from websites, amplifies in potential when combined with Python’s simplicity and extensive library support. Amongst these libraries, html.parser and html5lib frequently surface in discussions, moisturizing the parched minds thirsty for web scraping knowledge. This exploration comprehensively covers both libraries, striving to

Vertically Align Text in a Div: A CSS Guide

In today’s digital era, the ability to design and create appealing web pages is more than just a technical skill – it’s an art form. One of the foundational building blocks in any website’s design is the humble ‘div’. This versatile HTML container can house multitudes of content elements, with