Fix Pylint Import Error in VS Code: Step-by-Step Guide

When we are coding in Python using Visual Studio Code as our preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE), we want our environment to not only be robust and flexible, but also smart and efficient. This includes having a responsive and accurate linting tool. Pylint is such tool: it helps keep our

[Solved] ‘Import X Could Not be Resolved’ in VS Code Pylance

Python, a universal programming language, has been increasingly adopted by developers worldwide due to its simplicity and flexibility. Python’s power, united with Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and its Pylance extension, creates a potent programming tool. However, users may encounter challenges, such as ‘import x could not be resolved’ errors.

HTML.Parser vs HTML5lib: What’s Better In BeautifulSoup [Py]

Web Scraping – the technological craftsmanship of information extraction from websites, amplifies in potential when combined with Python’s simplicity and extensive library support. Amongst these libraries, html.parser and html5lib frequently surface in discussions, moisturizing the parched minds thirsty for web scraping knowledge. This exploration comprehensively covers both libraries, striving to