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India NFT (Non-fungible Token) Income Tax Calculator

India NFT Tax

India NFT Tax Calculator



How To Use The India NFT Tax Calculator

Following are the steps to use the above NFT tax calculator for India:

  • Enter your total buying price of all the NFTs that you acquired.
  • Enter your total selling price of all the NFTs that you sold.
  • Finally, click on the “Calculate Tax” button to compute your NFT tax liability.

Here’s an example:

India NFT Tax Calculator

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More Information About NFT Tax In India

Income from any digital asset, including NFT, is taxed at 30% in India as per the Budget of 2022, declared by the Government of India.

The 30% tax is applicable when an Indian tax payer sells his/her NFTs. The cost of aquisition of the NFT shall be deducted during the computation of the income tax.

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