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Anirban Roy

Anirban Roy is the founder of TechRBun. He is a Computer Geek. He likes to share his knowledge about PC, Mobiles and Blogging. He studies in class XII and when he is not studying, he can always be found tweaking his PC or surfing the web on his mobile phone. He loves music and literature too!

What Is .flat Extension? | .flat Files In Android Studio

In this article you will learn about the files with the .flat extension that Android Studio generates, when you hit the build button.

(FIX) Website/Blog Not Opening On Jio After Cloudflare Setup

After setting up Cloudflare on a site, JIO mobile network sometimes may show the "server IP address could not be found" error. Learn how to fix this error easily and quickly!

How To Change Favicon In The New Blogger Layout

Learn how to add your own custom favicon in the new layout of Blogger!

[Fixed] Indexed, Not Submitted In Sitemap In Google Search Console

In this guide, we are going to learn how to resolve the "Indexed, Not Submitted In Sitemap" issue which Google Search Console shows us, every time we try to submit a new article to search console.

Solved: Google Coding Competitions Runtime Error (RE) Issue (JAVA)

Google hosts a bunch of coding contests every year, some of which are Code Jam, Kickstart and Hash Code. Google uses...